Dave Miner, Ph.D.
Dave has created numerous organizations fighting hunger, in addition to serving as Chairperson of the Bread for the World Board of Directors.

Peter Schueth, MBA

Board Chair--Alliance for Better Nutrition
Peter has extensive experience with financial aspects of nonprofit organizations, in addition to nonprofit governance issues.

2008 to 2012 - M+ formula is developed and tested by the Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition.

2014 - M+ formula is licensed to Pack Away Hunger, and Nutri-Plenty meal is developed.

2015 - First Nutri-Plenty meal is packed.

2016 - Alliance for Better Nutrition is finalized, Affiliates start joining.

Working with Affiliates and groups interested in transitioning to a more nutritious meal is extremely rewarding.  When people hear about the impact that Nutri-Plenty meals make in the lives of children, they are motivated to join the movement!


Scott Rosenberg, PhD.

With extensive experience in the country of Lesotho, Scott vision and passion are huge helps regarding distribution of meals overseas.

Alliance staff

Larry Moore, President

John Papageorge, J.D.

John's legal training and experience has been instrumental in his service to nonprofits over the years, and is impactful to ABN.

Leslie Murphy, F.A.S.A.E., C.A.E.

Leslie's experience with Associations and Alliances of all types is a valuable resource to the Alliance for Better Nutrition.

Dale Oelker

With a decade of experience in creating nutritious meals, Dale brings valuable operational experience to the Alliance.

Greg Reinhart, M.S., Ph.D.
Greg's passion and lifelong dedication to improving nutrition yields tremendous benefits for the world's children


Let’s put an end to malnutrition  world-wide!

mission & vision

The goal of the Alliance for Better Nutrition is to provide nutritiously superior meals to as many starving and malnourished children and adults as possible, by leveraging the power of Affiliates working together.
To accomplish this goal, an Alliance has been created:

     (1)  To allow selected organizations the ability to pack the Nutri-Plenty® Meal
     (2)  To provide support to those selected organizations

Clara Lehman

Board Treasurer--Alliance for Better Nutrition
Clara has a long history of involvement with nonprofits, and provides additional insights on financial issues.